Inspired by the European architecture, 300,000sqft of Highstreet comes together to give you a unique shopping experience. Interspersed the shops are hangouts like the Moulin Rouge (currently under maintenance), IFC Talkies – to provide you the rustic charm of watching movies in villages, Archery Range, Grenade Launcher Assault, and Fashion Café (coming soon). Also, along the park you will find many carts for icecreams, popcorn, thirst quenchers and other toyshops for collecting memorabilia.

Archery: You can have a go at the bow and arrow and practice your skills or have a fun competition within your group to see who hits the bull’s eye. No matter at what level of expertise you may be, we would not recommend to get your friend to hold up the apple for you!

Grenade Launcher Attack: This is a simple shooting game with a twist of paintball. Have your go at the mannequins with our tiny balls. Be sure to aim correctly, a shot from this ball would certainly leave you black & blue.

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