Oddities Museum

For the fans of Star Wars (and even people who have vaguely heard of it), nutty Darth Vader and Boba Fett greet you at the entrance – made completely of nuts & bolts! What starts with randomly assorted Believe it or Not facts, slowly grows into a very interesting expedition of nature & science. We travel through the underwater area where a host of 'shark-ing' facts come to the fore – from Megalodon shark to a metalo-maniac shark's remains.

All of us like to believe we are different in some ways. But this section of Human Oddities has a totally new take on the matter. A human unicorn, 1400lbs man and 8'11" man are only some of the people out here to prove to you exactly how different can different be!

If humans shocked you with their mere existence, the next section of man made wonders is sure to wow you out! We proudly boast of a collection of beautiful artifacts to creative machines ahead of their times. Chinese Camel Bone Carving, Sinatra's painting of only butterflies, multipurpose Foglomobile made out on only roadside war debris, Humbug Major's Candy Machines are only to name a few!

The next section would creep you out unless ofcourse, at some point in time, you have fantasized about witnessing a Roman execution at the Colosseum! The torture chamber is full of ancient torture techniques – electric chairs, premature burial, liar's hell et al. It will actually leave you wondering how it was humanly possible to come up with the concept of having 14 spikes in a coffin to pierce you when you are buried alive in it. Come here to find out why, when and how!

And you can end this very fascinating tour with a little illusion room with puzzles which play mind games with you and a miniature gallery proving that if not good, very interesting things come in small packages.

Tips: Do spend time reading the wall frames as they contain the most absurd facts!

Do not rush through this section else you would have to travel far outside the country to come across a similar freak show!

Time to Spend

Until you have exclaimed "Are you serious?"

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